Winter in Florida

It is cold… this is the third night in a row that I am bundled up in sweats, socks, and my snuggie. (Yes, I own a snuggie) 

      Anywho, Happy New Year!!! I said I was going to blog more and I’m staying true to my word. In fact I’m using an app on my phone to do this… I know, I’m so cool. 😉
      Truth be told, I should be at a going-away-party for my old co worker tonight. But last minute I decided that I wasn’t going… I realized that I stopped considering this person a friend awhile ago. I mean I wish her the best and I’m excited for her and her new advantages but, she stopped involving me in her life long before I stopped being concerned with hers. Last time I asked her for help… Not only did she let me down, she also called me after to find out the end result… Seriously, who does that?!
      Thinking back to our “friendship” I’ve realized that I actively involved her in my life (inviting her out to the club, my family get togethers, etc.) Yet, when it came to her life, I was only included when it worked out best for her. (For instance, when she had an outfit she wanted to show off.) Now I’m use to being in relationships were I’m being used but, those were usually intimate relationships, not home-girl relationships. But, it really makes me wonder…

Do I try to fail in relationships? Is that what other people out there do too?

      Think about it, are you that person that starts ridiculous relationships with people and once it ends, you complain about it? Saying that they were the one that started treating you differently?When, maybe… Just maybe, it was always like that, and YOU allowed that behavior to continue (whether it was a sexual relationship or not) knowing that it could fail. I know… Scary right?!
       But why would anyone do this you ask?…. Oh there is a number of reasons… But the one I’m leaning towards is that we do it for the “drama”. You know, so that we have something to talk about. In order to have a story to tell the next person that you are secretly planning to repeat this process with. Or something that we complain to our girlfriends about so that they can boost up yourself esteem. Hell, maybe we do it so that we can write about it the next day …
      So, here’s my advise to you and I plan on doing the same… Stay away from the Drama! Learn from your mistakes choices and try something new. Worst case scenario, you still end up in a relationship where you get shafted. And if that’s the case… It is then time to have your mother pick out the next person… Hey things could be worst. 

~ I did this from my phone! I guess that makes it better than yours. 😉

Published by Ashleya Nicole

Ashleya Nicole's uses hip hop culture to influence her writings about life, love and their lessons. She is an avid Jay Z fan and is known to quote him in conversations. ❤️

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