Lover’s Lane and Dreamer Drive

An oldie but a goodie. I love this piece and always add to it when I imagine life happening on the other side of window.



     As I lay in bed, I stare out my window across my backyard to peer into the three windows that belong to three different families. Why the living space is so small for the town houses right outside my 2 story house is beyond my knowledge. All I know is that I tend to look forward to this activity. Especially on nights like this…
     See I make up little stories on who lives in each little compartment; since I only have the one window per unit to view their life I have to fill in the blanks. I imagine where they work, what their hobbies are, what they hope and dream about. Usually these assumptions change night by night but, lately the same premise remains…

Window on the Left…
     This window is owned by a high school aged girl who can’t wait to grow up. I know this because her father is pretty strict and while her mother is more laid back, her mom feels the need to report back to her dear husband the things her daughter shares with her in private. Such as who her 2nd period crush is or her desire to be a model when she grows up. This pretentious teen dances around her room with headphones in so that her parents would think that she is studying. She practices all the latest dance moves and will double check on YouTube to ensure their accuracy. Her younger brother would sometimes walk in on her so she now puts her computer chair in front of the door to use as a warning. She can’t risk one of her parents walking by at the same time and getting a glimpse of her betrayal.
     At this rate with the double life she is living she’ll lose herself by age 20. I can only hope for a swift rebirth on her behave. Lord knows wandering around in your own skin is exhausting enough.
     But she is a little firecracker. I wouldn’t be surprised if she does move to New York! Sadly her best shot on the big screen is playing an extra in a movie and the only red carpet she’ll walk on is the one at the movie theater. But she doesn’t know this yet. Right now she is full of ‘what-could-be’ and doesn’t know and/or care what’s really going to come. She reminds me a lot of myself in this way…
     Right before bed when she looks out her window for a shooting star, I look at her, I watch her. See once upon time I didn’t know and/or care what would really happen to me, this among other times we have in common. Then she lays down and thinks about a place somewhere between Lovers Lane and Dreamers Drive.

Window on the Right..     

      This is where the lonely business woman lives. She is hardly ever home and when she is, she stuffs her face in a book and walks around in her pajamas or a snuggie. I wouldn’t be surprised if she were to purchase a cat any day now. She looks like she is in her early to mid thirties so you know her “clock is ticking”. Poor thing, Some nights I catch her up late listening to jazz music, drinking wine, and googling “Best age to Freeze your eggs”.
     Nonetheless, she is amazing in her own right. When it comes to her career she is a Superstar too. Everything she puts her mind to she can accomplish. She kills it at social events by lighting up the room with her smile and charm. And her figure is impressive, anyone can clearly see she takes care of herself. All the married men at her job secretly (and some not so secretly) compare her to their wives. This makes her blush but, not because she takes it as a compliment. She hates being compared to other women especially when they have the one thing she wants… She knows her looks won’t last forever and with intense conviction feels like a failure. How is every adventure, every acquisition, every dream obtainable but her one biggest desire?
     Some nights she lays down on the long couch near her windowsill and stares at the beautiful paintings she made and hung near her bed. There are three in total each embodying her dreams, hopes, and her willingness to love. After several minutes she always turns her face towards the window and I catch her face sparkle in the moonlight. At first one would think she puts some sort of glittery foundation on her face before bed but, I know better. Although she looks astonishing in the moon’s hue, her twinkle is from tears.
     Oh the pressure society puts on women. Forcing young girls to be strong and independent, telling them that they don’t need anyone to make them whole. When everything in nature comes in pairs… the Moon has the Sun doesn’t she?… Hell our DNA is two stranded! We are cyclic or intertwined if you will. We need someone, our one.. our person. I’m sure she must feel like a failure. Like the world is all wrong. So, I stay up and watch her fall asleep somewhere between Lovers Lane and Dreamers Drive.

Window in the Center…

      This window is the easiest for me to see. I don’t have to angle myself in any specific way, I can just lay down on my bed, turn my head left, and peer out. Most of the entertainment from this unit happens early in the morning; around 6 a.m. right before the sun comes up. That’s when you see them, souls rolling around… tangling themselves in their sheets. Most mornings its just the wive and husband sneaking kisses on each other’s body quietly. Very carefully, to ensure they don’t disturb the alarm clock… hoping that their silent love making will literally stop time. Other mornings (usually Saturday mornings) the bed is populated with little feet playing footsies under superhero fleece blankets.
     I found it bizarre at first, having my senses connect to theirs. Waking up to seeing their passion, feeling their heat, and tasting their kisses can be a bit overwhelming. However, this never deterred me from looking… from watching. Instead I tried to imagine this for the females in the other windows. That feeling of total honestly with another person, being allowed able to share everything with the one you trust. What a reassuring feeling it must be to know that no matter what the day brought or the night took, you would awaken to warmth and tenderness. How I can’t help be wonder what it must feel like to actually live between Lovers Lane and Dreamers Drive.

Published by Ashleya Nicole

Ashleya Nicole's uses hip hop culture to influence her writings about life, love and their lessons. She is an avid Jay Z fan and is known to quote him in conversations. ❤️

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