Ample (unfinished)

Taking this moment out of my busy day to focus on myself I can’t help but to notice my breathing…Its so Steady, Deep, and Alluring; how can I not be impressed. And it suddenly dawns on me. I forgot how amazing my body is! Strong, Beautiful, Resilient… Oh my, I love her. You have no idea how soft my face feels or how my my heartbeat is balancing all the cosmic energy in my body.

As I breathe in and out I can’t help but to pant. Every curve on me is accented perfectly in gold trimming that you call skin. I am literally glowing! I gently caress my neck, it must be the coconut oil that keeps me hydrated. And yet I’m thirsty, in need actually. I guide my hand across my stomach. Feeling a pulse there too that echoes mine. How is my body so stunning? So Posh, Sexy, and… Ample… Oh my, how I love her. 

Published by Ashleya Nicole

Ashleya Nicole's uses hip hop culture to influence her writings about life, love and their lessons. She is an avid Jay Z fan and is known to quote him in conversations. ❤️

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