Grey feather

Once upon a time… there was a wonderfully talented, beautiful young lady who wanted it all. She was tall with long legs, black hair… brown eyes and a had a noticeably pink aura. She was special… unbearably exceptional. Unforgettable

Every morning she awoke and began the day by steadying her mind. She prepared her body for the physical aspects and ensured her soul was ready and open to receive grace. 

Like I said she was beautiful… honestly remarkable. 

During one of your morning walks she watched as a white-grey feather glided toward her. She stared amazed at its precision near her hand and … grabbed it. Held it tightly in her hands and thanked God, the cosmos, the Holy Spirit, mother nature,  and all who else would listen. For that was the sign she was waiting for. 

Published by Ashleya Nicole

Ashleya Nicole's uses hip hop culture to influence her writings about life, love and their lessons. She is an avid Jay Z fan and is known to quote him in conversations. ❤️

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