The Dentist

Usually I can handle anything with grace. Usually! I can name a handful of times where I may have overreacted… But my bipolar-ness isn’t what I’m blogging about tonight.


Let’s talk about my fear of the dentist.

Now with a fear as big as mine, I knew it was imperative to seek out help. So like another 80’s baby, I turned to google. I found forums full of others like me, articles that offered advise and tips, even counselors I could go.

Basically, nothing useful.

As a last ditch effort I started to think about my childhood.. Did something happen to me as a kid at the dentist?Did I suppress it in my memory?  … Did a dentist murder me in a past life?   You get the picture.

Worrying about why wasn’t the issue; no matter how much I focused on it, ‘Anxious Ashleya’ had a hard time realizing that part. Thank God she is learning to adapt 🙂

Instead of focusing on why I was afraid of dentists, I had to focus on how am I going to get to the dentist. What will it take to allow me to walk through those doors? Who can help me? And if when I finally go… can he perform everything needed in one session so I don’t ever have to come back?  I know, wishful thinking.

Highlighting the part of the problem that I could actually control helped me get through that cold, eerie, tooth decaying door. Clearly it doesn’t change my thoughts about the occupation, just my purpose.

Now the only thing stopping me from going to the dentist is my lack of insurance.

The following is an excerpt from my book

If you had a fear of clowns and an upcoming circus themed birthday party to attend, paying for gifts and therapy might be a deal breaker. This lesson may be the only thing that stands in between you actually showing up versus you wishing you were there. Focusing on the real problem at hand is the only way to truly solve it. 

Published by Ashleya Nicole

Ashleya Nicole's uses hip hop culture to influence her writings about life, love and their lessons. She is an avid Jay Z fan and is known to quote him in conversations. ❤️

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  1. Wow. I am so glad that I came across this post. I am terrified of the dentist to the point where I miss appointments because I literally cant bring myself to go. Next time I need to go to the dentist I am going to try out your tips and see if I can finally feel better about going. I am following your blog to read more!

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