Dating an Entrepreneur | Ways you can Benefit


Every relationship has its ups and downs. And dating someone who is ambitious can be less than perfect at times. So here are 5 things you should know before dating an entrepreneur. Because the truth is you are a reflection of him.

His mind is on money and money is on his mind.

  • He doesn’t notice your nail change changes or hairstyle switches. So don’t be afraid to try something new.

He wants to look polished

  • Luckily you like to shop! Help him look his best in front of clients.

He talks that talkย 

  • He loves talking about his industry and it shows. Engage him with activities he enjoys. It might be fun to outcome objections with him while script reading.

He is always on the go

  • ย A lot of stamina is needed to ran a company. So he is always in need of an energy boost. Help him by exercising with him or cooking together.

Give him competitionย 

  • I’m not saying to enter into the same industry as your guy. But you should have your own lifestyle outside of him. Something you can commit your time and energy to when he starts to act up. Who knows, it may grow from a hobby to a business over time. ๐Ÿ˜

Flamesย = ย A Good Match

Published by Ashleya Nicole

Ashleya Nicole's uses hip hop culture to influence her writings about life, love and their lessons. She is an avid Jay Z fan and is known to quote him in conversations. โค๏ธ

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