King 👑| A rapper’s story

King, a 29-year-old artist, was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. His motivation stems from his desire to achieve greatness especially during times of setback.  He has lost family members and authentic friends through violence and illness. The 2012 Eaton Centre shooting, gravely affected King due to his friend Nixon’s death and Chris’s incarceration. In addition to that, one of the most challenging times during his life was when he was incarcerated for 2 years. Throughout these struggles, he knew it was time to make a difference, not just a change. He began captivating audiences by speaking about his hardships and triumphs.


With the release of his album Field of Dreams, King has taken great strides towards success. Overall, his music will make you question yourself and build your positive mindset. This was a strategy of King’s, showcasing his artistry with his writing and directing debuts. He directed and wrote a suicidal prevention ad for the Toronto Transit Commission in association with Pact Films. As well as, co-directed a short film titled “My Brother” in association with Plant and Focus.

King has a distinct flow and creative narratives, so don’t compare him to other
Canadian rappers. Fortunately, he does hold of volunteering of high importance like one of Toronto’s great rappers, Maestro Fresh Wes. King dedicates a portion of his time to volunteering within his hometown. Paying homage to his hometown, King speaks about the side of Toronto many are afraid to show.

Here’s the video for Revolution. Layered with fighter beats and accompanied by rappers Shamuel Jackson & Logik.

This track will speak to the American hip hop heads who were captivated by Kendrick Lamar’s politically-influenced, double-platinum Damn album.

King’s newest single is Black. This song is more of a head bumper… filled with a trap music vibe and pro-Black lyrics. Look it for its release late October 2017. (Disclaimer: The link for Black will be added once its release:) Much of King’s music is filled with triumphant and hope. Get in touch with him! Slide into King’s DMs and talk to him about the music.

You can find his album Field of Dreams on the following platforms Spotify, Google, iTunes and Tidal🙌🏾.

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Ashleya Nicole's uses hip hop culture to influence her writings about life, love and their lessons. She is an avid Jay Z fan and is known to quote him in conversations. ❤️

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